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As President Obama calls for fiscal restraint in domestic spending, a coalition of conservation and wildlife organizations echoed the call and released a “Green Budget” report recently outlining what Congress can do to create jobs while strengthening key environmental programs — including cutting wasteful spending by nearly $20 billion per year.

The Green Budget has several recommendations for lands and wildlife, oceans, energy, education, health, air and water.

“We heard President Obama and we recognize the need for the federal government to tighten its belt, which is why we’re calling on Congress and the administration to eliminate wasteful spending,” said William H. Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society — one of 33 organizations that sent 2011 spending recommendations to Congress in the form of its Green Budget. “The president and Congress have some tough decisions to make but we believe sound economic and environmental policy go hand-in-hand. So while frugality is key, we must continue to invest in the kind of environmental initiatives that create jobs and protect our natural resources.”

You can do your part to create jobs and protect the environment by contacting your U.S. Senator and Representative. Tell them that you care about preserving our natural resources, and that they can help you and countless other Americans by investing a green economy.

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    JBB said,

    I agree with the notion of a Green Economy as long as there is a market for its products and services. We have seen the waste in gov. ideas by giving taxpayer money to businesses in the Green Economy without a market for their services, just look at Solyndra.

    There has to be a balance of economic growth, job creation and environmental impact. We are not there yet and the gov. involvement in trying to create an industry and jobs is not the way to do it. That is the job of the private sector and the entrepreneur spirit.

    Now go out and enjoy our wonderful outdoor spaces and lets you and I think of creative and environmentally safe ways to grow this country without gov over reaching.

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