Why I care about the environment

I have a reputation among my friends – It is a reputation of passion and love for the environment.

I didn’t always feel so strongly about environmental sustainability and conservation, but I vividly remember when I realized that these issues were something I felt strongly about and that they would shape my path in the future. In my senior year of high school I took environmental science and was fascinated by the subject. While my classmates were sleeping, I was absorbing all of this information and learning more outside of class. As my knowledge about these issues expanded, I saw that they affected every aspect of my life – now and especially in the future. At first this made me angry. How could so many people not care about things that would affect their social, political, and economic realities? Do the generations before me feel no guilt for leaving me to inherit this Earth facing so many environmental dangers? But this anger quickly melted away as I realized that although these problems are enormous and will need global cooperation to solve, the challenge wasn’t impossible, just difficult, and that I have the power to make a difference. This is when I decided that I wanted to get involved in policy making so that I would have the chance to form the laws surrounding energy use and the environment. This goal isn’t for me. It’s for my friends, it’s for my family, it’s for the billions of people on earth that I won’t ever meet, and it’s for the billions that will come after me. The young people of my generation have this ripe opportunity to get involved and demand changes. We’ve already started revolutions armed with our convictions and the power of social media; so it’s time to start a new one – A green revolution.

– Leila Choucair


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