Tell Senators Chambliss and Isakson vote NO on Coal Ash Pollution

Coal ash is a toxic by-product of burning coal from coal fired power plants. Currently there are regulations to protect public health and the environment from the hazardous effects of this by-product. The Senate is voting on a bill that would dismantle these critical public health regulations and open the door to poison entering our air and water. Use this link to tell Senators Chambliss and Isaacson to vote no on S. 1751. People from around the country are calling today, make you voice heard! 

ADDITIONAL POINTS (courtesy of Appalachian Voices)

  • S.1751 endangers the health and safety of thousands of communities by preventing the EPA from ever revisiting a federal coal ash rule, even if future evidence shows that coal ash poses an even greater threat.
  • S.1751 would allow the construction of coal ash dumps that don’t meet current drinking water standards for arsenic, lead and other pollutants.
  • S.1751 will cost American jobs: A recent study by a Tufts University senior economist found that strong coal ash regulations, such as those proposed by the EPA in 2010, would generate 28,000 jobs annually.
  • Currently, the cheapest method of coal ash disposal is ponds. Coal ash cannot be recycled once it is wet. S.1751 will prevent the recycling of coal ash by permitting the construction of new containment ponds.
  • S.1751 fails to address the current threats. The bill will not phase out dangerous coal ash ponds or prevent another tragedy like the 2008 coal ash spill in Tennessee.
  • Living near unlined coal ash ponds increases the likelihood of developing cancer to 1 in 50 – 2,000 times greater than acceptable risk levels
– Jeremy Cherson graduated from American University and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently he is the Georgia organizer for The Wilderness Society’s Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewardship program.

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