What is Fracking? Should we be Concerned about Water Contamination?

Prepare youselves. I guarantee this will be a hot issue for our generation.

Yesterday, The New York Times released an article about the controversy over fracking, “in which water and toxic chemicals are injected at high pressure into the ground to break up rocks and release the gas trapped there.” Fracking    “occurs thousands of feet below drinking-water aquifers.”

There has been one documented case of a U.S. freshwater well being contaminated by hydrolic fracking. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes there may be more cases, but these cases have usually “lacked sufficient documentation or involved a type of contamination that was outside the scope of the study.”

If you are more of a visual or audio learner, check out “My World’s On Fire (The Fracking Song),” a creative song on Youtube that helps explain the process:


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