The Better Kind of Grocery Shopping

Yesterday, during my weekly grocery run, I passed by a product in the produce aisle that made me chuckle: “Live Basil.” I couldn’t resist thinking of all the other ways a producer could have marketed this fresh basil but instead decided to go with “live,” as if it could dance or sing. Picking it up, I discovered its originality: this bunch of basil was locally grown in Athens and still in the bulb, meaning you could plant it in order to yield even more of the delicious herb, if so desired.

This got me thinking about local farmer’s markets – why don’t I go more? There are so many benefits to purchasing produce from local vendors:

1. Local Foods are Fresher (and taste better)

2. Local Foods are Seasonal

3. Local Foods Usually Have Less Environmental Impact

4. Local Foods Preserve Green Space & Farmland

5. Local Foods Promote Food Safety

6. Local Foods Support Your Local Economy

7. Local Foods Promote Variety

8. Local Foods Create Community

Considering these points and the fact that spring is just around the corner, why wouldn’t you go local? Don’t know where to go?  I suggest you look up local food markets in your area. And if you want to be even more healthy & environmentally friendly, walk there!

Happy local market buying!

-Austin Sewell


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