Spring in Blue Ridge

Over spring break I took a road trip with a few of my roommates from Washington DC to New Orleans and back. On the way back from NOLA we made a stop in Blue Ridge Georgia to enjoy the great outdoors of the Chattahoochee National Forest. Recently my parents and their friends purchased a cabin that backs up onto the national forest. For me, this is a dream come true. Literally the backyard consists of the Cohutta Wilderness and Lake Blue Ridge. Both exemplify the beauty of our state—serenity I often miss.

During our stay at the cabin we explored the surrounding area and experienced the bizarre weather of March in Georgia at 3500 feet. There were moments of sunshine followed by hail turning to snow and reverting back to warm sunshine all within 5 minute intervals. It appeared that Mother Nature was trying to impress my mid-western friends with as many seasons as possible in a short time span.

The next day we went off exploring an unnamed creek often employing acrobatic feats in order to cross the creek from bank to bank. As we sat on a creek side log the warm sun beat down on us imparting us with fuel for the next few weeks of school. The mountains always provide me with the comfort and respite I need. I am happy to say that the North Georgia Mountains did the same for my mid-western friends. If you have a free weekend I suggest you get out while the weather is good and the forest is blooming with new life.

– Jeremy Cherson

Jeremy Cherson is an Environmental Policy student at American University and an intern at The Wilderness Society. He is a contributor every Tuesday.


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