A man’s best friend!



We all have heard the saying “A man’s best friend” referring to the loyal and loving family dog. I myself have two dog’s one fully blooded golden retriever Charlie ,and one mixed survivor dog named Roscoe. My brother brought him home from school one day and told my Mom if we didn’t adopt him he would be put down. With this terrible news and this precious puppy looking up at her with those sad eyes how could she say no? He is such a joy and my parents love having him around. Charlie doesn’t mind either!

Roscoe is my family’s first dog from a humane society. What Roscoe made us realize is that he is lucky to be alive. We will never choose to pay large amounts of money for a beautiful full-blooded dog with papers over a rescue dog ever again. Roscoe was lucky the day my brother spotted him and brought him home. Unfortunately this is not the case for all dogs.

The Humane Society in Athens Ga needs your help. They run a no kill Clinic and as you might suspect it can get very expensive keeping all the animals fed and taken care of. Pets Plus in Athens has teamed up with The Humane Society to raise money and food for the animals. The next time you go to a Pets Plus ask to donate a bag of dog food or make a monetary donation at the counter!

If you are in the market for a new pet don’t forget about the precious animals in your local hemane society waiting for you a new home! What better way to make a difference in your life and the life of an innocent animal!

Mary Catherine Finnerty



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