Hospitals Save Lives and the Environment

Did you know that hospitals are one of the most wasteful industries in the United States? They are second on the list behind the food industry.

Materials that are used once are immediately thrown away in fear of contamination. Even devices that are opened but never used are tossed. However, a study conducted by researchers at John Hopkins was released that proposed the practice of recycling medical equipment. The study suggested that recycling would be safe with strict sterilization and testing and could immensely decrease the amount of waste created by hospitals

Beyond sterilizing used materials and reusing them, the study promotes that hospitals should also work to develop materials that are meant to be used more than once with sanitation.

Not only do the recycling hospitals do their part for the environment, they also save money. Recycled devices can cost almost half as much as new equipment. A hospital in Phoenix saved over $1.5 million in the year they began recycling and reusing materials.

A doctor can save a life and Mother Earth in the same day!

– Amanda Keuler



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