What’s the greener way to work out?

Can you believe the weather in Georgia right now? Thank goodness the groundhog saw its shadow and spring is around the corner! Now that the weather is warmer people are getting outside for exercise. Do you ever wonder what working out outside of a gym does for the environment? On average a treadmill uses 600 to 700 watts of energy for the duration of your workout. This is equivalent to watching three to four hours of TV on a 46 in screen.

So what if you have a gym membership or can’t run outside? Choosing to work out on elliptical trainers or stationary bikes require six to seven times less energy than treadmills. Because this type of equipment uses resistance training and magnetic brakes the amount of energy required dramatically decreased.

So what is in the future for gyms?

Gyms now have the technology to be human powered. A group called Green Revolution can convert spinning bikes into electricity that can light a gym and run a few TVs.  Right now this technology is very expensive and cutting edge.  But while you are waiting for the new technology to catch on run outside and enjoy this beautiful weather or stick to the elliptical trainers!

Mary Catherine Finnerty



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