America’s Great Outdoors– President Obama Speaks Live 4:45 p.m.

Today, February 16, is the  release of the Obama administration’s America’s Great Outdoors (Learn more about AGO) recommendations for a 21st century conservation and recreation agenda. Many Americans are unaware that annually outdoor recreation contributes $730 billion to the economy supporting over 6.5 million jobs. Consequently, the decisions made by Congress, the President, states, and local governments about the health and vitality of our natural lands and historic sites has a significant impact on America’s local, state and national economy.

White House officials hosted 21 listening sessions across the country to hear concerns and recommendations from citizens for the future of conservation. I personally attended the listening session in Annapolis, Maryland and was impressed by the candidness of federal and state officials about the state of our recreation infrastructure.

The President’s remarks will be streamed live at 4:45 pm. E.S.T. Click this link to watch live

– Jeremy Cherson

Jeremy Cherson is an Environmental Policy student at American University and an intern at The Wilderness Society. He is a contributor every Tuesday.


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