Littering on the Highway

Speeding isn’t the only illegal decision that can get you a fine on the highway. Littering can too! Throwing trash out the window doesn’t even cross my mind as I cruise along the straight shot to Athens from Atlanta. This is mainly because I don’t litter. On occasion, however, I see others use the outdoors as their own personal, convenient trash can (banana peels are among the most popular littering items).

While driving at a steady speed, focusing on the horizon ahead, I noticed bouncing objects. They came and went in a matter of seconds. After much curiosity and thought, I realized that the pickup truck in front of me had empty soda cans in his trunk, freely bobbing up and down like they were debuting their own kind of circus show. My chuckle at this rarity was interrupted when one of the soda cans left the truck and landed in the median. One down, four still in the show. It only took the next 30 seconds for the remaining cans to fly out of the vehicle and join the first lost soda can.

You might think this is no big deal – a few empty soda cans and banana peels here, a couple apple cores and chewed gum there, but the reality is that we are abusing our environment. The environment isn’t our own waste dump – it’s supposed to be a clean playground for us to explore and learn.

So, next time you chomp into that apple during a long drive, save the waste for a trashcan.

-Austin Sewell

For more information on littering, including facts and statistics, go to:

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