Where is your water coming from?

Rainwater, spring, river or lake, surface well or deep/artesian well. Do you know the source of your water? There are countless brands: Dasani and Crystal; the generic Publix or Kroger brand; even the health conscious Smart Water or the elite Fuji. We all have preferences, but what do we really know about our water other than the label?

I’m sure you could guess that the majority most typically drink spring water, which seems to be the purest water supply. Although a common source, it is easier to find impurities in rivers and lakes from city sewage due to natural drainage. Rainwater provides great opportunity for bacteria growth due to dust and gases that rainwater absorbs from the air.

Lastly are wells. Surface wells, as you can imagine, are an extremely unsafe water source because of their contamination that is inevitable with the shallow formation. On the other hand, deep artesian wells collect pure water (so long as piping is stable and firm).

And there are your quick facts about water sources. So, next time you reach for some refreshing aqua, think about where it came from.

(For more information or questions about water, ask Nature Conservancy Senior Freshwater Scientist Jeff Opperman, who will be answering questions about water  live on February 10 at 12 p.m. EST)


-Austin Sewell



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