What do Seattle University, Boston College and the University of Georgia have in common? They all promote efforts to limit waste by encouraging the use of tap water instead of bottled water. Some may underestimate water bottle consumption and its impacts on the environment. But, keep this figure in mind: 2.5 million. That’s the number of plastic water bottles Americans throw away every hour. And of those, less than a third of Americans actually recycle these bottles.

In an effort to educate students on the environmental, health and financial consequences of daily water choices, like purchasing water from a vending machine, the University of Georgia’s Go Green Alliance organization is hosting “Take Back the Tap” on February 2. “We are hoping to change [water] habits and ultimately change what’s sold in the vending machine,” said Emily Karol, Go Green Alliance President.

“Take Back the Tap” will also feature a “Tap That Taste-Test,” which is a blind taste-test of bottled and tap water. The goal of this activity is to illustrate how easy, cheap and good tap water is. Karol hopes this promotional, educational event produces action that results in less landfill waste and increase fuel conservation.

(For more water statistics, visit http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/image/watertruth)

(For more on UGA’s Go Green alliance, visit http://gogreen.uga.edu/gogreenalliance/#events)


-Austin Sewell


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