Snow Storm in Georgia!?

That’s right! The weather has been pretty wacky this winter in the South, as Mother Nature has given us unseasonably cold weather, snow and ice. The University of Georgia cancelled three days of class due to this “blizzard,” which was accurately predicted by nearly every local weather channel. That being said, grocery stores all around were crowded with endless lines of people stocking up on essentials and more. With overflowing grocery carts of stable foods, like eggs, milk and bread, as well as books and movies, I sensed that individuals were more hopeful the coming storm would be months-long instead of three days.

Two full days of snow packed nearly seven inches of white powder on cars and covered the ground, leaving no traces of where asphalt ends and grass begins.


Unfortunately, our winter wonderland will soon come to an end, as temperatures are rising and the sun is waking up. Not only does this mean classes will resume (oh well…had to happen eventually), but we will be left with an unwelcome wintry slush.

I hope you all had a wonderful winter vacation and are getting energized for a fresh, clean start to a new semester! Be safe walking around melting ice!


-Austin Sewell


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