Happy New Year!

Happy 2011!! While we look back on 2010 and make New Year’s resolutions, why not add going green to your list? Just by taking small steps can not only help the planet; it can also help your bank account.

Our top ten green tips for 2011:

  1. Recycle! It cuts back on trash in landfills.
  2. Change to LED lights. LED lights save electricity and saves money on your energy bill.
  3. Buy a water filter. Use a filter instead of water bottles. It saves money and plastic.
  4. Get a digital thermostat. Set it to 68 in the winter and 76 in the summer
  5. Unplug chargers not in use. They pull energy even if nothing is plugged in.
  6. Switch to reusable grocery bags.
  7. Make sure your appliances are energy efficient! Appliances use the most energy in a home.
  8. Support green companies. Look for labels that denote recycling and other green business initiatives.
  9. Turn of lights and fans when you’re not in the room.
  10. Car pool! Use the bus or catch a ride with a friend. Saves your gas money, and the planet!

All these tips are easy and take little effort. Why not make a huge change this year for your budget as well as the earth.


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