Wonderful Trip to Florida

I traveled down to Florida during this Christmas. The further south I went, the  weather kept getting warmer and warmer, a nice break from the  snowy and chilly weather in Athens. My first stop was the St Petersburg beach. I enjoyed the beautiful sunset  there. You cannot imagine the magic until you’ve been there yourself! 

When I looked up into the sky, lots of sea gulls were hovering over head.

My second stop was a farm in the  suburbs of St Petersburg. The sunshine and the comfortable climate really relaxed me, a big difference from the pace of school. Plus, I got to know several new kinds of animals there. What an experience!

This trip only lasted  about a week, but this trip was truly remarkable. It helped me feel more in touch with nature, by getting away from a big city filled with heavy traffic jams and air pollution. This trip also gave me a chance to take a breath and relax in a lovely habitat.

Merry Christmas!!

By Sisie Nong


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