May All Your Christmases Be White!

Romanticized by songs like “White Christmas” and classic holiday films, seeing snow on Christmas has always been a fantasy of mine. What might be an ordinary day to our friends in Vermont is a rare treat for us Georgians.

Well, yesterday this southerner’s dream came true when Georgia and Alabama (my home state) boasted their first white Christmas since 1882!

Flurries have continued today, minimizing the number of churchgoers this Sunday as well as delaying numerous flights going out of Atlanta.

I hope that the snow didn’t force you to have to cancel plans at the last minute, leaving you bitter toward this exciting time. On the other hand, I hope you have enjoyed the snow in all of its white splendor.

Sure, it’s great to drink hot cocoa and snuggle by the fire, but don’t forget to go outside and experience a phenomenon that is rare for the month of December. In my opinion, no one is too old for sledding, building a snow man, or having snow ball fights. Find your inner child and get outside.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!

Oh, and before you head outside, check out this inspirational music scene from the classic holiday film White Christmas:

-Margaret Watford


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