A Show in the Sky

The Geminids are back! Every December the spectacular meteor shower lights up the night sky with brilliant streaks as nature puts on her version of a light show. Tonight and into early morning on Tuesday the meteors may reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour as they fly through atmosphere. You can see it all just by taking a step out your door and waiting for the show to begin. Here are some ideas to make it a memorable show.

  • Bundle up! It’s going to be a chilly night with the temperture dropping down to 16 degrees at night, so be sure to wear a good jacket, hat and maybe even gloves or mittens.
  • Find the perfect viewing locale. Places away from bright lights are better for looking at meteors: the darker, the better. Drive to a local park and claim your meteor territory.
  • Bring blankets! Lay out a warm blanket and have all your friends gather around on it or use a few extras to cuddle up with a special someone.
  • Make a hot drink in a thermos. Be sure to pack hot chocolate, coffee or tea to warm up your insides as you peer into the night sky.
  • Take pictures! Test out your camera skills and see if you can capture the phenomenon on film.

Be sure to share your Geminids meteor shower stories with us and send us your shots of the sky and friends at the show and we’ll upload them to our Flickr!

Oh! And watch out for snow!!

– Amanda Keuler


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