What Makes You Go Outside?

Let me preface this entry by saying that it is a semi-untraditional blog post for The Wilderness Society. Instead of discussing current events or ecological impacts of certain environmental happenings, I want to talk about the things that get you outdoors. Inspired by a magazine article, I thought it an appropriate question to ask our readers: what gets you outside?

Does stress prompt you to tie your shoelaces and put on your hiking gear? Does anxiety have you pedaling your bike on the open road? Whatever it may be, there are certain causes and incentives that inspire all of us to breathe in some fresh air.

For me, it’s the jitters from being cooped up inside. As students, we can all relate to that hibernation period this time of year – where studying for finals has our undivided attention. While being studious is definitely a positive attribute and undertaking, consecutive hours hunched over a desk can cause backaches, neck stiffness and steaming brains. So, to preserve your insanity (and hair), I encourage you to take a study break and get outside for a run. Not a runner? Go for a walk and collect natural elements to decorate your home for the seasons.

You may be a little resistant to these suggestions, thinking that one hour wasted is a letter grade lost. However, research shows that physical exercise actually increases your productivity and focus ( http://www.stress-relief-tips.net/misc.php).   So, breathing in some fresh air and reconnecting with life outside might be just the thing to get you an A.


Please leave your comments below and tell us how you cope with stress during finals or what your favorite outdoor activities are. We thought this a perfect opportunity to get some input from our readers.

-Austin Sewell


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