Recycle your Papers!! Going Green During Exams

So it’s that time of year again when we all sit for hours on end, with books, laptops and index cards piled high around us. Hooray exams!

Being as busy as you are (trust me, I feel your pain) you probably aren’t thinking to yourself, “How great would it be to help the environment right now amidst the hell of this accounting/chemistry/15-page research paper.”

If you are, kudos. If not, there is one simple, no thought required thing you can do (it literally takes 1.5 seconds) to be a smidgen greener–RECYCLE!!

After you’re done with your notes, outlines, rough drafts, instead of burning them or throwing them enthusiastically into the nearest trashcan, just hold on to them for a just a bit longer until you find a paper recycling receptical. Then you can enthusiastically banish them from your thoughts forever.

So after that glorious moment when you realize are FREE from school, take a second and RECYCLE the horrible stuff that has made you so miserable and sleep deprived.

-Zoe Oreck


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