Go Chop Down a Tree, Will Ya?!

It may sound like an odd request from a blog promoting land and wildlife conservation, but hear me out. You probably hear the same debate every year while hauling down the decorations from the attic or while visiting friends and families in their decorated homes; which is better, a real or an artifical Christmas tree?

Both sides bring their own arguments to the table. Those supporting the real pine or fir chopped from the tree farm often bring up holiday tradition and the great smell a real tree brings into a warm home on a winter night. However, the artificial side is not to be beaten by sentimental reasons. They fight back with practicality, mentioning the ease of having a tree in their home that doesn’t shed needles everywhere. There is also a reduced expense and hassle with artificial trees.

Those arguments are good, but there is one side that gives a clear winner, the green side. Chopping down a real tree is better for the environment than buying an artificial tree. This might sound insane, I know, but here are the reasons why:

  • Real Christmas trees are grown on tree farms that might otherwise be torn down and used for building development. We get to keep land as a natural resource rather than use it to construct buildings (some that might even make artificial trees!) – that’s land conservation!
  • Real Christmas trees provide homes for animals and breathing air for us while they are growing on the farm – that’s good for the ecosystem!
  • It may seem sad to chop down a beautiful, living tree but keep in mind that new seedlings will soon be planted to keep the farm going – that’s a renewable resource!
  • After spending a great holiday season with your family, your tree will become mulch and used for landscaping, gardening, and all sorts of things – that’s recycling!

Do some good as you decorate your home for the holiday season and give back to the environment by bringing a real tree into your home this year. It’s a gift the whole world can enjoy.

Even Charlie Brown is going green!

Amanda Keuler


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