What Wild Place Are You Thankful For?

Well the electricity went out at our lake house this morning. That meant a half-baked turkey hanging out in the oven and (gasp!) no TV, therefore no Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This didn’t prevent our family from the grateful spirit shared by all Americans on this wonderful day. So we decided to go on a walk at my favorite wild place in the world: Lake Hollybrook in Birmingham, Alabama.

With weather in the 70s, the sun kissing my face, different colored  leaves brushing my shoulder before they hit the ground, and the water shimmering in the background, the setting was glorious for a stroll with my sister and dad.

I am thankful for this place for its waterfalls. I am thankful for its beavers, hawks, and fish. I am thankful for its pristine beauty. Most of all, I am thankful for the memories it provides: memories of inner tubing with friends, jumping off the boat house, getting lost canoeing, fishing with my brother, and sitting on a grassy point by the water to clear my head.

Lake Hollybrook is truly a place of joy and peace. I wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving anywhere but here.

So today, let’s take time to enjoy the creation we have been given. Be grateful for the wild places you love. As for me, I’m going to get off my computer now and enjoy the lake!

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!



*This post was inspired by The Wilderness Society’s blog post “Thanksgiving salute: Which wild place are you thankful for.”

Check it out here: thanksgiving-salute-which-wild-place-are-you-thankful


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