The Georgetown Bulldogs Care About the Environment Too!

My fiancé, a Georgetown University grad, came to visit me this past weekend. Between a football game (go dawgs!), delicious restaurant meals and the downtown Athens scene, he asked me to tell him a little bit more about The Wilderness Society, an organization which has received much of my attention this semester. Gladly explaining the mission of this environmental non-profit based in Washington, D.C., our conversation seemed to evolve into an informal interview. Check it out:

Me: Well, the Wilderness Society focuses on encouraging people to get outdoors and experience nature, which I think Athens does really well – and D.C. too!

Blair: Oh, that’s neat! We have several outdoor education organizations on campus that aim to get people involved in outdoor activities.

Me: Really? Like what?

Blair: Well, Georgetown has this “leave no trace” philosophy of outdoor experiences; it’s all about leaving environments better than how you found them.

Me: So, what kinds of activities do students do?

Blair: Well, students can sign up for a hiking trip or go kayaking or even rock climbing.

Me: Do you have to be a member to participate in these activities?

Blair: No. You just have to pay for the cost of the activity. All the students go as a group – it’s a bonding over nature kind of experience. And while the activities are mostly local, there are some traveling opportunities as well. Like, I think Pennsylvania and Virginia are some reoccurring trip destinations – local Appalachian mountain ranges…

Me: Did you ever go on one of those outdoor adventures?

Blair: No. But I did do a lot of outdoor activities with my buddies. Like kayaking on the Potomac and playing basketball. And I trained for that marine core marathon, remember?

Me: Yeah, that’s right!

Blair: Oh, and another environmentally friendly organization does something cool: they pitch up tents in Red Square, that courtyard near north campus, and sleep outside the whole weekend during Earth Day to raise awareness for the cause. It’s a real attention-getter.

Me: Wow. Yeah, I can see how that would turn heads…

Our conversation flowed naturally into the subject of environmental activities and just as smoothly transitioned to another subject. However, during the conversation, we both agreed how important it is for students to partake in outdoor activities that are within reach of the campus. Not only are physical adventures important for one’s mental and physical well-being, but they also serve a communal aspect that’s unique when experiencing the nature.

See what kinds of outdoor activities your campus hosts!


-Austin Sewell


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