GA College Students: You Want To Do This – Trust Me

Wanting a confidence boost? Needing to relieve some stress? Hoping to meet new people through a great group dynamic experience?

Look no further than GORP: Georgia Outdoor Recreation Program. This program offers 120 different outdoor trips throughout the year.

Associate Director of Outdoor Recreation at The Ramsey Center, Jennifer Stewart, sold me on the program. After talking to her about what GORP is about and all has to offer, I would be crazy not to experience a trip for myself.

We all need an escape from the chaos of school, relationships, and work. Outdoor recreation is one of the best solutions. GORP provides fun, safe, and hands-on opportunities to participate in outdoor activities and experience stunning sites.

Ok, so you may have some reservations. Maybe some of these doubts are going through your mind:

I WANT to go on sailing trip, but I don’t have any experience and don’t know what I’m doing.

I don’t have a means of transportation to the trip’s site.

I can’t find anyone to go with me, and I’m DEFINITELY not doing it alone.

If any of these worries resonated in your head, then I have good news for you.

First of all, GORP is designed particularly for beginners, and it consists of 24 trained student leaders who are eager to introduce you to their field of expertise. If you have always wanted to participate in outdoor activities but haven’t because you lacked certain skills, why not take advantage of people who can teach you?

Secondly, GORP provides transportation for every trip as well as equipment for most trips.

Lastly, even if you don’t know anyone going on a trip, use it as an excuse to be bold and grow personally. You will surprise yourself with what you can do, and you will learn new skills that you will have forever. Still, if you want to, you are allowed to bring a friend or family member that doesn’t go to UGA. They might have to pay a little extra, but it would be worth it.

Unfortunately, if you want to sign up for a trip this fall, most of them are full (except for three). But, now that you know about what a sweet opportunity this is, go ahead and plan on signing up for a trip in the spring.

Some of the popular trips include a beginner’s scuba diving trip, a backpacking trip to Cumberland Island, a hang gliding trip, and a paragliding trip.

UGA students complain about the student activity fee we have to pay, but wouldn’t the money be worth it if we actually took advantage of the incredible resources that The Ramsey Center and GORP offer?

Think about it this way: After college, going on trips like the ones GORP offers is likely going to be more difficult to do, more expensive, and less geared toward beginners. Use this time in college to explore the outdoors with GORP!

For more information, visit

-Margaret Watford



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