Yellow is the New Color

Is it just me, or is everything yellow? I walked outside and it felt as though a pollen cloud had exploded everywhere.  I was sitting on the front porch at my mom’s house and pollen was literally blowing on me from the trees near the house.   My car went from being red to yellow.   Currently, in Athens, GA the pollen count is HIGH and everyone and everything is feeling the effects.  Weather websites are recording extreme pollen levels at the beginning of this week and during the upcoming weekend.  The main plant suspects are oak, birch, and maple.  According to WeatherBug, some of the trees could be shedding 3.9 to 6 million pollen grains per catkin (a spikelike group of flowers)!

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Georgia is not the only place experiencing high pollen counts, check out this story in Birmingham News of a similar pollen experience in Alabama

-Hannah Berle


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