Bringing you closer to “green”

1. Reject plastic bags
Bring a cloth bag along when you go shopping. They are inexpensive to buy and lightweight enough to carry around. If you don’t have a cloth bag yet, then reuse the plastic bags you already have rather than throwing them away. You may even skip bagging, if possible.

2. Reduce packaging
Give preference to economically packaged items, such as concentrated detergent. Skip the plastic bags when buying fresh produce (they’re annoying to open, anyway.) Save both money and the environment by buying a large container of yogurt instead of individual servings.

3. Print wise
If you’re just printing notes, then try to use one less sheet of paper by adjusting your margins and font. Take the extra second to print on both sides of your paper. When you do run out of ink, take your cartridge to an office supply or drugstore. Most will give you a discount on your next ink purchase or refill.

See more great green-going tips here. What’s the most ridiculous tip you’ve heard recently for a greener lifestyle? 

(Source: SparkPeople)

-Isha Ghodke


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