Work it forward

It’s that time of year. The semester is winding down and summer lies not far ahead. In fact, I can count the number of weekends until the beginning of summer on one hand. Many of my friends are excitedly planning study abroad trips to countries such as Australia, Korea and Italy. Others are taking classes. Some have found internships and some are still looking.

What could be better than spending a summer working in a field you’re passionate about? If you’re passionate about the environment, then there are plenty of internships available for you.

Ecojobs provides a list of internships (including paid ones!), descriptions and deadlines in an easy-to-navigate Web site, as well as full-time openings divided by sub-category.

Campus Access has a basic list of available internships and related service opportunities.

The EPA has information on a variety of internship opportunities for students at all levels from high school to graduate studies, plus scholarship details.

This is just a glimpse of the number of options available, if you’re ready to take action in the environmental sector. There are non-profit, private and government organizations who are always looking for a little extra, low-cost help. Check your school’s career resources for additional help.

Know of a good opportunity to show off some environmental passion in your neighborhood? Let us know!

-Isha Ghodke


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