Save the Botanical Gardens

The University System of Georgia budget cuts include closing down The State Botanical Garden of Georgia located in Athens, Georgia. The State Botanical Gardens is located about five minutes from the University of Georgia campus and is home to a variety of beautiful gardens. There are paths located along the Oconee River and plants identified throughout the gardens, providing a gorgeous, educational outdoor experience.

The closing of The State Botanical Garden would mean all of the gardens would be shut down and all the staff members and researchers would be fired. As a resident of Athens for eighteen years, I honestly cannot imagine it not being around anymore. It is, in fact, what brought me to Athens is the first place as it provided a job for my father. Since then I have spent a lot of time out there learning about horticulture and playing in the different gardens.

This has not only been a landmark of my childhood but a nature sanctuary open to the public. The State Botanical Gardens needs to be saved, our environment is too important to ignore even during a statewide budget crisis. To find out more details about the budget refer to our previous blog article, Georgia University System Budget Crisis.

It is time to do your part, contact governor Sonny Perdue

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    Chris said,

    I just wrote the governor and asked him not to close the Botanical Gardens in Athens. I spent countless hours there during my time in Athens. I spent tons of time outside along the river, enjoying the sensation of being out in the woods even though I was in a city. I also spent tons of hours inside the gardens breathing in the oxygen rich air during long study sessions. Perhaps more importantly, the gardens is where I often turned when I needed to get away from the stress of the day. I relaxed, took in scenery, and cleared my mind so I could make decisions.

    I hope the governor doesn’t deny people those same opportunities.

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