Step Outside

Though it snowed just over two weeks ago in Athens, it is now beginning to look like spring. I encourage everyone to take time to spend an afternoon outside. I studied on the porch of my house yesterday. Doing homework outside seems to make my workload more enjoyable than sitting in an austere room studying. Fresh air and sunshine allows for a pleasant afternoon, even if I am doing schoolwork.

College campuses all across Georgia offer great outdoor settings. At the University of Georgia, North Campus’ grassy lawn is the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon studying, playing Frisbee, reading, or just resting from a busy schedule. Often I take nature’s surroundings for granted. I forget the simple joy that comes from being outdoors.

My hometown is Macon, Ga. When I go home, I love to visit Washington Park. It is an old historic park that has been preserved in the heart of downtown Macon. This is a great place for students at Mercer University and Macon State College to spend time outdoors. For more information on Washington Park check out this blog post.

Share your favorite places to spend afternoons outside by submitting pictures or stories of your own experiences. We would love to hear from other regions of the state.

-Christen Patterson


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