Water wars

While we were on “spring” break, the state House and Senate were at work passing bills to “promote water conservation in Georgia and [show] our neighbors that we are serious about being good stewards of our natural resources.”

The bills dictate when local governments can propose stricter outdoor watering restrictions and require more efficient water fixtures for all construction after July 2012.

What makes these bills any different? And why on earth does it matter, when every coming week seems to rival the previous one in terms of gray skies and rainfall?

It could be different, because House Bill 1094 and Senate Bill 370 view water conservation as more of a way of life than simply a trend.

It could matter, because according to District 27 state Sen. Jack Murphy (R-Cumming), the bill is a step in the right direction toward resolving Georgia’s tension with Alabama and Florida over water usage.

If the state doesn’t figure out a way to work with Alabama and Florida in resolving the water issue by summer 2012, then Atlanta will no longer be allowed to tap into Lake Lanier’s water supply.

Learn more here. Interested in doing more? Take action by getting involved with the Georgia Water Coalition, who supports these bills.

-Isha Ghodke


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