Spring Break + A Challenge

Spring Break starts at the end of the day today! I’m sure all you students out there–whether this coming week or in the next few weeks–are ready for a break! We are definitely ready, and plan to enjoy our breaks all over the place–some of us will be on cruises, at the beach, or just spending time with family.

Wilderness U will take a brief hiatus and will return Monday, March 15. Be ready to read about more environmental happenings, as well as share with us things that you are interested in!

And…. Here’s our challenge for Spring Break for ourselves, as well as for YOU!


What, you ask? Take pictures? We know that everyone goes away for Spring Break and takes photographs of their experiences. So–take a ton!

And when you get back from Spring Break, share them with us! Everyone goes somewhere beautiful. Show us how you have enjoyed your break, and where you went. Especially if its a beautiful beach, or the mountains, or a lake–it can be anything! Share with us, and we will feature you on the blog!

Email us your pictures with a brief comment or story: wildernessu@gmail.com.

And, Happy Spring Break!

–Taylor Merck


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