Georgia University System Budget Crisis

Attention all college and university students in Georgia:

As you may know, the recent budget proposal by the Georgia General Assembly will cut $385 million from the University System of Georgia, in which they also will cut $58 million from the University of Georgia. These cuts will have disastrous effects on the quality of our education and the prestige of our degrees.

Many student leaders at universities and colleges around Georgia are planning a response to these cuts, and I hope you will partake in the student response.

Here is a petition that some leaders at the University of Georgia have created. I hope you can forward the link to your friends and fellow leaders.
If you are at the University of Georgia, there will be a meeting about the student response tomorrow – 7pm South PJ.

Here is the link to the petition, please take 1 minute to sign it! Please forward it to any other friends.

I signed it, and when I did there were already 7,550 others who did, too. Please help protect our education system and many programs offered in colleges and universities statewide.

–Lauren Rohde, Senior PR major at UGA from Marietta, GA


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