Residence Halls Built for Sustainability

Residence halls are typically massive buildings designed to fit as many students as possible in one space.   The architects were not concerned with creating an energy efficient living space when they designed some of the dorms I have seen.  However, this is changing as many people, including college-aged students, are fighting for environmental sustainability.

The University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Georgia has responded by creating its first green residence hall in the Reed Community on campus.  The new residence hall will be available in fall 2010 and will offer the same amenities as all of the other residence halls, along with numerous green elements.

Because this will be a new building, the means of construction will include recycled content and materials that originated a short distance from the construction site.  The rooms will have less contaminants in the air due to the specific paint, carpet, and sealant that will be used.  Also, the entire building is designed in order to save water and electricity.

This is such an exciting development at UGA because now incoming students will have the opportunity to live in a green dorm and learn about how to live green.   In fact, the motto of the new residence hall is “living green.” This idea will not only be a part of students’ everyday lives but it will also be an opportunity to educate individuals on how to conserve water, energy, and ultimately create a more sustainable living space and environment.

On a personal level, I am thrilled to see this type of dorm being designed and constructed at UGA.  Not only is it a great option for student residents, but it is also a huge step in creating a more green campus. So, props to the University of Georgia for continuing the effort to keep our world sustainable in the future.

Do you want to have a green dorm on your campus? Contact your university officials!

–Hannah Berle


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    wildernessu said,

    Thanks so much for posting this article Imran! I really appreciate your interest and the extra information. I fee like Erik Ring brings up some very good points in his article. It is easy to get excited about a LEED certified dorm and ignore possible complications that could come up. I definitely agree that is important to make contractors aware of technical and schedule requirements and what a LEED certification entails.

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