Welcome to Wilderness U!

Welcome to the Wilderness U – Georgia blog! We are thrilled to be up and running–and even more thrilled to be able to provide this blog as a voice for the environment!

Who are we?

We are seven students from the University of Georgia. We are participants in Creative Consultants, a student-run Public Relations firm hosted by UGA’s chapter of PRSSA.

More importantly… We are students who are passionate about our wilderness.

And our goals?

We want this blog to become a platform for students across Georgia. We want this to be an online forum for environmental discussions, relating to Georgia and beyond.

It won’t be just us–we want your help too!

What can you do?

Take a few minutes and look around the blog. We’ll be posting almost daily, so leave us a comment with an opinion, suggestion… anything! If you want to write in a blog post, email us.

And a thank you!

Thank you for visiting! We hope you’ll come back, but we also hope you will get involved!

Let’s be advocates for places like the St. Mary’s River (pictured above) and keep them beautiful and thriving.

Let’s work together. Let’s be a voice for the environment. Let’s take action for our wilderness!


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  1. 1

    wildernessu said,

    Welcome to our blog! Please take a few minutes to see what we’re doing and leave a comment if you’d like. We’d love to hear from others with similar missions!

  2. 2

    Philly said,

    Stands back from the koebyard in amazement! Thanks!

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