Go Green in 2010!

The New Year is full of people making resolutions for the year to come. Lose weight. Read more. Quit smoking. Nearly a month has passed since the ball dropped in Madison Square Garden and most of the resolutions have already been lost.  But with the turn of a new decade, it is not too late to pick up a new resolution. Go green.  And for those of you who already decided to go green in this New Year – keep it up!

Being environment conscious does not have to be difficult.  By simply kicking some of those old habits to the curb you can make a difference in the conservation of our natural resources.  Here a few simple tips that could help you be more environment friendly in 2010:

–         As a student, I buy and print so much paper. I have found that if I keep a basket near my printer to throw scrap paper in, I recycle a greater amount of paper products.

–         Curbside pick-up often does not often come to student apartment complexes. Here is a list of locations in Athens to drop off your recycled goods or find another location that is closer to you.

–         Instead of buying cases of water, refill one water bottle to take with you to class.  This helps the environment and saves you money, which is always a plus.

–         Carpool to class if possible.  Less traffic and less gas!

–         And of course, the infamous “turn the water off when you brush your teeth.” We have all heard it from our parents for years, but make a conscious effort to actually do it.

Hope this helps you stay on track of being green in 2010.  Contact us if you have more tips you would like to share.

–Christen Patterson


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  1. 1

    Kaitlyn Darr said,


    Thanks for this article! Your points are things that get me about people all the time. I remembered seeing a stat that 8 gallons of water is wasted every time you leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth. Makes me think every time!

  2. 2

    […] more great green-going tips here. What’s the most ridiculous tip you’ve heard recently for a greener lifestyle?  […]

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